Art Exhibition Prague

Nothing quite expresses human imagination and creativity than what art does.

One can stand transfixed by the beauty and emotional power derived from art and in particular from the new generation of promising young artists just starting out.

This exhibition will display works of art from up and coming new artists from around Europe, each piece unique and exclusive and available for purchase.

If you are interested in attending this exhibition in the historic city of Prague email us here for further updates.

Space Convention Budapest

The enigma of space has captivated mankind since time immemorial, its vastness, beauty and mystery have excited young and old both in reality and fiction.

This convention will bring together both worlds, there will be film, interactive displays, models and so much more on display.

Vendors will showcase their creations that will spark and electrify the imagination in a truly wondrous display over three exciting days in the Hungarian city of Budapest.

Drop us an email and register your interest and be updated as soon as the details have been finalised and tickets go on sale, demand will be high.

Environment convention Norway

Worried about the environment? concerned about global warming, children starving in poor countries around the world?

Then you will want to visit the Environment convention we are planning in Trondheim, Norway.

This convention will explore the many issues facing the environment and provide opportunities for how we can all make a difference whether it be lowering your carbon footprint or producing clean energy for your home it will be covered.

Email here to register your interest in attending.