Three Christmas pantomime tour London

Love Christmas? Love the atmosphere and all the bells and whistles that come with Christmas?

Then how about a three Christmas pantomime tour in the historic England capital London?

Charles Dickens, Dick Whittington, Peter Pan, Snow White, Alladin are just a few of the magical pantomimes that are shown over the festive period.

The tour will include hotel, admission and transportation to all three pantomimes over a 5 day period.

If you are interested in the Three Christmas pantomime tour then drop us an email here and when we have finalised all the details we will email you the details for your consideration.

Christmas Adventure Sweden

Christmas is a magical time wherever you may live but Scandinavia and in particular Lapland conjure up the fantasy image of what Christmas is really like.

Christmas markets, snow, live entertainment, Reindeer rides and of course Santa himself are just some of the experiences that you will enjoy on this wonderful Christmas adventure.

Hotels and entertainment will be included in this package, just drop us an email to express interest and once we have finalised this magical package we will email you with all the details.

Children’s fashion show Oslo

This show is not about New York, London, Milan or Paris, this show is not about $10,000 dresses or skinny supermodels strutting their stuff for high-end brands, what this show is about is showcasing unknown local talent committed to producing awe-inspiring designs at affordable prices for young children.

Experience a fashion show that embodies artistic beauty that provides a platform for unheralded talent to display their imagination and style aimed at the younger generation.

Interested in attending? drop us an email of interest and as soon as we have confirmed the show we will email you with details of the show.

*All pictures displayed are generic stock pictures giving an example of the type of event that will be on offer and are not images from the actual events themselves.