The air-dry reborn class will take place in Las Vegas on the 8th-10th March 2019. Artist Elisabetta Monari will host the three-day class utilizing her years of experience and expertise to teach the various steps to create a beautiful Reborn Doll from scratch.

The course will be fun, informative, in-depth and conducted in a step by step manner that is easy to follow so that each participant leaves with the knowledge required to create their own gorgeous dolls in the future.

Included in the course are all the materials needed to create a stunning Reborn Doll and each participant will leave with a completed baby.

Details of course

Location: Tuscany Suites* Las Vegas
Dates: 8th-10th March 2019
Duration: 3 days
Class size: 20
Artist: Elisabetta Monari
Cost $499.00

What exactly is included in the course

Intensive painting instructions
Step by step guidance assembling the dolls
Understanding all material usage
Weighting and filling the doll
Full kit supplied
Your own self-created Reborn baby on completion
Expert tuition from an experienced expert
A full location information package
24-hour assistance from an on site GLK Event representative
Pre-course welcome drink


Day 1:

Meet and greet
Acquainting with materials
Basic skin tones, building a realistic base with appropriate shading and mottling layers.
Introduction to colour theory.

Day 2:
Shading of the creases
Corrective washes
Basic lips and nails.

Day 3:
Detailed lips and nails
Advanced details, milia, scratches, birthmarks, pimples, freckles.
Introduction to painted hair ( If possible- time allowing)
Assembly and dressing.


Glorius Las Vegas the fun capital of the world is the location we have chosen for the air-dry Reborn Dolls class, the fun should not stop when class ends.

There is a huge selection of hotels, restaurants and entertainment to choose from as well as a vast array of local transportation.

The location chosen for the class is the Tuscany Suites training room situated just 13 minutes walk to the Las Vegas strip and surrounded by a wide range of hotels from the very basic lodgings up to 5-star luxury.

60 days prior to the course you will be sent a package that will contain everything required to plan the perfect trip including a list of hotels perfectly situated for both the class and the evenings’ entertainment.

We do not recommend booking accommodation until you receive your package as we will be negotiating significant hotel discounts once we have confirmation of the exact numbers of participants on the course.

The Artist Elisabetta Monari

Elisabetta Monari passion for dolls and art started in childhood, and the love of children soon after, She combined them in reborning, the art of creating still shots of infancy, tridimensional portraits on a ‘doll canvas” sculpted by another artist.

The babies created by Elisabetta are both a striking work of research in realism and a celebration of the beginning of life, a work of art on a huggable canvas.

Elisabetta has taken courses and cooperated with the Studio Artistico Gisrlla Tirabassi, while studying at the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna.

Elisabetta has been reborning since 2004 and has taught classes since then.

Elisabetta previously also taught classes at the ROSE International Doll Expo, and Kansas Doll Show. These classes are always such fun and busy.

Join Elisabetta and be part of her class, meet new friends and learn new skills.

Payment Terms

There is a maximum of 20 places and is on a first come basis.

The full cost is $499.00 payable through Paypal

Alternatively, we can arrange monthly payment terms over 4 months @ $135 per month Total $540.00

Fill in this form and we will invoice you via paypal

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Full Payment $499.004 x $135.00 (Total $540.00

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If we cancel the course for any reason there will be a full refund
Each course is fully insured against cancellation
We do not offer a refund if you cancel, however, if we manage to sell your spot after you cancel then a full refund will be available.


Where is the air-dry class being held?

The class is scheduled to be held at the Tuscany Suite at 255 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169, USA, however, this is provisional and will be confirmed once the class has been sold out.

If the class is not sold out or cancelled for any reason by GLK Events will we receive a refund?

Yes, you will receive a 100% refund in the event the course is cancelled.

What is the official hotel?

There is no official hotel, this is a class-sized event and not a conference, however, we will be negotiating discounts at a chosen hotel and you will be sent this info 60 days prior to the class starting.

Is my payment safe?

Yes, payment is via Paypal and you are covered by their guarantees and your payment details are through them and not through this site.

What if the artist does not turn up when we are in Las Vegas?

Each course we run will be covered by event insurance, all details will be sent in your info package 60 days prior to class start.

How big are the classes?

The maximum size is 20 persons plus the artist and GLK Event representative, under no circumstances will the class number increase beyond the 20 participants, the artist and any GLK Events representatives.

What is the welcome drink?

The night before the course begins all participants will be invited for a get to know you drink and the first drink is included in the course.

If I pay monthly what happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment we will work with you to come to an arrangement, however, if monthly payment is 14 days late then we reserve the right to cancel your spot without refund.

Is Airport transfer provided?

No, but you will receive info on transportation in your info package sent 60 days prior to class start.

What happens if the class location is changed.

In the event that there is a classroom change, we guarantee an alternative location within 15 minutes walk of the Las Vegas strip and if this is not possible then a free shuttle to class and back each day will be provided.

Are the Reborn kits provided brand new?

Yes, every kit is 100% brand new

At the end of the course is the doll I created fully mine?

Yes, absolutely, you made the baby and the baby is yours for life.

Do I get to keep any of the materials like brushes etc?

No, we provide all the materials for you to complete your Reborn Doll but all the instruments and materials left over belong to GLK Events.

If something happens after class like a medical emergency or lost belongings what do we do?

In the first instance, you contact the appropriate local officials, as an example the Police or the hotel. however, we will have a GLK Events representative on site 24/7 to assist in any way they can even if it is just to offer moral support and comfort.

If I have any further questions who do I contact?

You can contact us by email, skype or telephone with any questions you may have, all details can be found on our Contacts page.

What if I need to contact you in Las Vegas?

You will be provided with all contact info in your package sent 60 days prior to class start.